Kerbside waste collection calendar

In just two easy steps you can check which day your bins are collected and which bins to put out. 

Step 1 – When is my bin collected?

Open the Bin Collection Day list(PDF, 162KB) and look up your street name. This list tells you which day your bins are collected and whether you’re on a Week A or Week B cycle. 

Step 2 – Which bin is being collected?

Open the Week A(PDF, 98KB) or Week B(PDF, 98KB) calendar for your street. The calendar shows each week for the next six months and whether your red or yellow bin is due to be collected. Don’t forget your green bin is collected every week.   

Helpful tip

Remember, the easiest way to make the waste service work for you is to put all food and garden waste in the green bin and all household recycling in the yellow bin. This will save your precious red bin space for the rubbish we can’t recycle or compost into new resources that our community needs.

We don’t want any contamination in your yellow or green bin, so follow the directions hot-stamped on your bin lid and, if in doubt, keep it out. 

Need more information?

Phone Kempsey Shire Council’s Waste Hotline on 1300 342 207.

For tips on how to sort your household rubbish, read Which Bin? An A to Z Guide. We also have a range of factsheets about your bins.