Lost & found pets

Reporting a missing dog or cat

If your cat or dog has been missing for more than 72 hours, please notify Kempsey Shire Council by phoning 6566 3200 or filling out this form

If you have a restricted dog or a declared dangerous or menacing dog, by law you must notify Council within 24 hours of noticing that your dog has gone missing.

When you report a missing cat or dog, it is important to confirm your correct contact details so that Council can reunite you with your pet when it is found.

If a cat or dog is found without an owner in a public place, a Council ranger will scan the animal for a microchip and make all reasonable attempts to contact the owner as listed on the NSW Pet Registry. If the ranger can’t contact the owner or if the animal is not microchipped, the ranger will take the animal to Kempsey Pound.

Kempsey Pound

Kempsey Pound (Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000154) is provided as a service to residents in the Kempsey Shire for lost, surrendered or unclaimed cats and dogs. Animals are kept safe and protected until their owner can be contacted.

Under the Companions Animals Act 1998 (NSW), impounded animals are held for 14 days if microchipped and seven days if not microchipped.

View animals at Kempsey Pound

View animals at the pound

If your pet is at the pound, you will need to fill in a release form and pay a fee for food and boarding before it can be released. If your pet is not microchipped and registered, it must be microchipped and registered at your expense before it can be released.

To arrange for an animal to be released from Kempsey Pound, please phone Council’s Customer Service centre on 6566 3200 and quote the impound number.

Pound location

The pound is located at Frederickton. The road to the pound leads off the northern roundabout of the Pacific Highway interchange at Frederickton. 

The road to the dog pound leads off from the northern roundabout of the Frederickton interchange.

The road to the dog pound leads off from the northern roundabout of the Frederickton interchange.

Adopting an animal

Dogs and cats are available for adoption from the pound. In most cases, these animals have been surrendered to the pound, or they have become lost and their owner can’t be found.

By adopting a dog or cat from the pound, you are giving an animal in need a much-deserved second chance. However, pet ownership is a commitment that should be carefully considered. Council takes every possible step to ensure that animals are adopted into safe, secure and loving forever homes.

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