DA exhibition & notification

Some types of development applications must be placed on public exhibition – for example, where they involve designated development or state significant development. 

Public exhibition generally involves one or more of the following processes:

  • public display of documents at Council
  • a public notice of exhibition on Council’s website
  • open public access to development application documentation under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW), including electronically on Council’s website
  • where appropriate or required by law, Council providing notice of the proposal to adjoining or affected property owners

Neighbour notification

Where a property is subject to a development proposal, Council will notify neighbours who may be significantly affected by the proposed development. 

The notification period varies from 14 to 28 days, depending on the type of development application submitted.

Notification may also be required under legislation and Council’s Community Engagement Strategy 2019(PDF, 2MB). This publication sets out when, why and how Council will engage with the community about development applications, in accordance with legislative requirements. 

Guidance on what to tell your neighbours when you are building or renovating is available from the NSW Planning Portal

How to make a submission

During a public exhibition and/or notification period, the community and stakeholders can contribute to Council’s decision-making process by making a submission on the proposal being exhibited: see Items on exhibition

Community participation in relation to development applications must comply with legislative requirements and therefore must be done by formal submission to Council.

You can make your formal submission on a proposal on public exhibition by:

  • emailing Council at ksc@kempsey.nsw.gov.au 
  • writing to the General Manager, Kempsey Shire Council, PO Box 3078, West Kempsey NSW 2440, or
  • lodging a written submission in person at Council’s Customer Service centre, 22 Tozer Street, West Kempsey.

Make your submission count

An effective submission should:

  • introduce you or the group you represent
  • outline your concerns or issues with the proposal
  • make recommendations and clear statements
  • use evidence to support your argument
  • identify any good aspects of the matter or proposal
  • be clear and concise
  • not contain emotive, abusive or disrespectful language

For Council to consider an electronic submission, it must contain correct contact details (your name, email, phone number and address), include the application number or proposal title, and provide reasons for the submission. Written submissions must also contain the signature of each person making the submission.

Under NSW legislation, written submissions must, where relevant, be accompanied by a Disclosure Statement of Political Donations and Gifts(PDF, 86KB)