The 56 timber bridges of Kempsey Shire that are set to be replaced

Published on 03 March 2021

Timber bridge funding

The list of 56 timber bridges that will be replaced with concrete bridges in the next few years across the shire have been published by Kempsey Shire Council.

With Council currently owners of 86 timber bridges and 55 concrete bridges across the shire, the works will replace more than half of the existing timber bridges.

These bridges will be made safer, more durable and able to withstand larger vehicle loads once Council replaces them through $16 million in funding from the NSW Government’s Fixing Country Bridges program.

The full list of bridges is as follows:

Road Bridge
Belmore River Left Bank Road Buchannans
Belmore River Left Bank Road Loftus
Belmore River Right Bank Road Scotts
Belmore River Right Bank Road Thurgoods
Billybyang Road Griffiths - 3rd
Billybyang Road Kyles - 2nd
Billybyang Road Sundowner - 1st
Billybyang Road Wicks
Boyters Lane Boyters
Brassils Creek Road Warbro
Carrai Road Latters
Carrai Road Mc Iver
Chain o Ponds Road Chain o Ponds
Collombatti Road Brentons Dam
Collombatti Road Tashmoo
Five Day Creek Road No 1
Five Day Creek Road No 3
Five Day Creek Road Pumpkin Ck
Hickeys Creek Road Billybyang Ck
Hickeys Creek Road Holberton - 2nd
Hickeys Creek Road Kesbys - 1st
Kinchela Creek Left Bank Lee's Drain
Maria River Road Connection Creek
Mighells Road Mighells
Mines Road Bococka
Mines Road Deep Creek
Mooneba Road Barking Dog
Mungay Creek Road Scotts
Nulla Nulla Creek Road Dunbars Crossing
Nulla Nulla Creek Road Nurse Kirkpatrick
Nulla Nulla Creek Road O'Neills
Old Station Road Frogmore
Smiths Creek Road Duck Ck
Smiths Creek Road Nursery Gully
Smiths Creek Road Smiths Ck
Summer Island Road Robinsons
Sundowner Road Petersens
Tamban Road Baschs
Tamban Road Fireshed Gully
Temagog Road Anderberg
Temagog Road White Hawk
Toms Gully Road Toms Gully
Toose Road McKenzies
Turners Flat Road Lovelocks
Upper Smiths Creek Kenah
Upper Smiths Creek Road Mc Kintyre
Upper Smiths Creek Road Medica
Verges Creek Road Verges Ck
Wharf Road Thacken
Willi Willi Road Oaky Creek
Willi Willi Road Parrabel
Willi Willi Road Silvermine
Willi Willi Road Taits
Willi Willi Road Taits Grid
Willi Willi Road Temagog Quarry
Yessabah Road Clarke's Bridge