2021 Macleay Seniors Festival begins 13 April

Published on 09 April 2021


Looking to learn something new or simply connect with other seniors in the Shire? Great!

The Macleay Seniors Festival is not just about celebrating the contribution that seniors make to our vibrant community but also a demonstration of opportunities available to seniors throughout our wonderful Macleay Valley.

The 2021 Macleay Seniors Festival, which runs from 13 to 24 of April, kicks off early next week and this year's program is filled to the brim with opportunities to learn, try something new or hone your skills in an area of interest alongside other seniors.

The 12 days of programming is built with inclusivity in mind, and includes activities and discounts for members of the community of all abilities.

Find something that suits your interests in this year's program and enjoy!

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